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Copyrights & Credit – CVLTVR BLENDR Blog 3/3

I once emailed buzzfeed a scathing letter I’m sure they laughed at. This was in their early days around 2012 and I was tired of them clearly profiting from other people’s works. It was clear who got the credit and the money, and it was rarely ever the artist who came out on top. It’s Read More


Sam Arjes releases super catchy single “Maryanne”

Sam Arjes is absolutely killing it with the super catchy single release, “Maryanne.” I’ve done a bunch of IG & FB Live Feeds that you can check out to see some in depth process work, but for now I’ll cover some basics of the whole production. Sam brought me this tune with a basic drum Read More


When Your Business Must Stand for Something Beyond Profit

I think it would be very difficult to argue that we are living in an extremely invasive and polarizing time in history. Knowing your beliefs and business, who your kids are, how successful you are, or how your mental health is completely collapsing – we are pressed to share it all. And while we are Read More


The One Artist Showcase December Re-Cap at The Buffalo Room

December’s The One Artist Showcase at Westport’s, The Buffalo Room, kicked off super emotional right away with a spoken word poet spilling his guts about how addiction has ruined his life. He had the entire audience in a hush. More spoken word poets followed each with painful and poignant takes on being black in America Read More


Mayme Marshall, A Giant Voice Rocking This Cover Of “Madness” By Muse

Mayme Marshall, is a giant voice rocking this cover of “Madness” by Muse. This was a production with a quick turnaround. I stayed pretty close to the original version since this would be used for her auditions with the exception of the key which needed to be changed in order for her vocal range to really shine!