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Modern Music Making : CVLTVR BLENDR Blog 1/3

Coming up as an early musician it was all about the instruments and the players in a band. We developed our skills and our theory which takes constant dedication to the craft. We transcribed difficult passages for the gig and to develop our voice. Loading heavy gear in and out of bars, hoping our last Read More


Covid as Usual: Moving through the Maelstrom on 1st Gear

Where to start … How do you just continue when the path before you is made of the variables of another time? All of your most detailed plans, suddenly gone. What are you an expert of now that your industry is trashed? I just couldn’t pretend that what I foresaw in early March wasn’t a Read More


Sam Arjes releases super catchy single “Maryanne”

Sam Arjes is absolutely killing it with the super catchy single release, “Maryanne.” I’ve done a bunch of IG & FB Live Feeds that you can check out to see some in depth process work, but for now I’ll cover some basics of the whole production. Sam brought me this tune with a basic drum Read More