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The Automated Artist & The Benefits of Living Life as a Cyborg

It’s obvious when we see automation manifest itself in labor and industry, but elusive as it creeps into the expressionistic. And while it frees up some time, it makes time for the artist to spend and fill. Mistakes are made by everyone but how should they be tolerated and excused if they exist out of laziness and consistent lack of preparation. Our reasonable expectations for the machines are that they will always work optimally, so of course this has transferred to our expectations of each other.


Copyrights & Credit – CVLTVR BLENDR Blog 3/3

I once emailed buzzfeed a scathing letter I’m sure they laughed at. This was in their early days around 2012 and I was tired of them clearly profiting from other people’s works. It was clear who got the credit and the money, and it was rarely ever the artist who came out on top. It’s Read More


Technology & Culture – CVLTVR BLENDR Blog 2/3

If you want to get a glimpse of the future look to the thrift stores. People are giving away pianos and organs right next to that 1998 big screen tv. In fact, secondhand stores are turning away pianos and old electronics more and more because they have no value. Imagine that – a family piano Read More