Covid as Usual: Moving through the Maelstrom on 1st Gear

Where to start … How do you just continue when the path before you is made of the variables of another time? All of your most detailed plans, suddenly gone. What are you an expert of now that your industry is trashed?

I just couldn’t pretend that what I foresaw in early March wasn’t a grim inevitability. In the beginning, it didn’t seem wise to express these thoughts and feelings because I didn’t want it to diminish hope. Realists always come off as pessimists at first.

There’s a long road ahead. Anyone who is acting like they’ve got something all figured out has earned their suspicion. The tech giants have artists all dependent and pulling the social media slot machine. All of us attempting to crack that code which goes something like this: A new social app is introduced —-> Influencers/gatekeepers are invited to populate the app to attract more people vying for an opportunity —-> This creates a greater possibility of you actually getting through the algorithm because it needs content creators to make the app even more attractive. Something like that.

And there’s no shame at all in trying to crack that code. I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again, make sure you know what game you are playing and that you’re not getting played by the developers. Don’t get swept up losing your deepest intentions for an ephemeral algorithm that may not even be around for as long as you’ve been hard at work on your craft. Walk the tightrope.

I know that I personally don’t have time and energy to hate Zuckerberg and Bezos. There’s no entertaining feelings of unfairness or jealousy because of someone else’s success. There’s only time for learning and filling myself and my circle with positivity and strength. Not in a shallow way either. It’s literally the only choice that keeps the engines running.

So with that … hold on to who you can tightly … mask that beautiful face and take your distanced precautions. Do the good ya can and motor down the highway, slow and steady, in first gear. Happy Holidays.