The One Artist Showcase December Re-Cap at The Buffalo Room

December’s The One Artist Showcase at Westport’s, The Buffalo Room, kicked off super emotional right away with a spoken word poet spilling his guts about how addiction has ruined his life. He had the entire audience in a hush. More spoken word poets followed each with painful and poignant takes on being black in America and varying degrees of self-doubt and consumerism. RV is so keen about booking quality performers with something to say particularly in the spoken word department.

The music had a lot of hype and moodiness too. Starting off with some ethereal atmospheric r&b/hip-hop into some new school stuff with EVZE and some throwback vibes by a couple artists, one being the winner of the competition. Keisha Frazier AKA Klov killed it with her energy and flow. So much effortless charisma! Read about her studio time with us here.

The features by Ray Lucas (October’s Showcase Winner) and nationally recognized Matt Spezia, rocked the room with their energy and incredible delivery. So much insane talent in this city including our MC, the very funny, LaMont High, DJ Rocky Montana, and the graphic talent of Serenity Wagner. We feel very lucky at Chromatic to be welcomed by such wonderful people generating these supportive vibes.

The next show is March 1st, once again at the Buffalo Room in the heart of Westport. The doors open @ 6 PM and the show kicks off at 7 PM. Check out our events page for even more details. At the moment there are 5 spots left for the competition. We can’t wait to see you there.