Keisha Frazier aka Klov, winner of The One Artist Showcase Records New Single “Before You Change”

Keisha Frazier aka Klov, winner of The One Artist Showcase in December came to our studio to claim her hours with us and the result is emotionally powerful to say the least. For starters, her winning the showcase was well-deserved. Very comfortable and enigmatic on stage, her flow and style were on point! She rapped on key which is such a huuuuge advantage and something that a lot of rappers come to way late in the game. For her, it’s natural.

On our walk discussing what she would like to work on, we landed on a very personal and sensitive topic concerning her family’s acceptance of her sexuality and the enormous pain she has gone through in being true to herself. This hits home in a big way. The commonality being that my mother is gay, and I grew up understanding these oppressive forces in society very well. It can’t be overstated enough that it is extremely anxiety producing to have to keep such secrets from people you love. To always feel like you’re towing some kind of invisible line and testing where people are at in terms of their desires to “cast stones.”

I went to work really diving in creating the initial tracks that all started out with piano centered around Keisha’s ideal range of Eb. After I had my piano loop, I continued with the drums a bass synth line, and finally an electric guitar hook for the chorus. She came over and immediately went to work writing and it was amazing to get to see her work. Keisha is fast and very creative in both her word play, melody, and rhythmic flows. In 4 hours, she had written 2 verses, the chorus, and recorded all the stacks of vocals. Insane workflow. We of course were shooting video and taking photos throughout.

The week after I spent doing some serious production work. Changing up kick drums and patterns, altering the piano line, creating drops and risers with this amazing plug-in called Serum … on and on with every change sending it back to her for approval and her loving every new addition. The tune is basically complete now and we are talking about making a music video for it. It’s been an incredible joy to work with Keisha and I can’t wait to see what she does next. Check out the video for her new sexy dancehall single “Oasis” she released yesterday and stay tuned for our release of our track coming soon.


Oasis by Klov Official ORIGINAL Music Video 🎬Directed by : Leonardo Hernandez I made an original Music video with an original song to a rapper here in Kansas City named KLOV😨🔥 #Like & #Share . Showing my directing and editing skills. Share share share * I do not Own the songs ** I do not have rights to the songs*Song credits : No me conoce Remix – Bad Bunny Credits :Keisha Frazier, Jennifer K Guzman , Cristal , and Joseph garcia#musicvideo #latin #rapper #creative #originalSong

Posted by Leonardo Hernandez Aceves on Monday, January 6, 2020