Tech & Live Percussion – Hybrid Drumming @ Chromatic Contact

From Gaga and Bruno to Nine Inch Nails and LordeHybrid drumming is here to stay. What do I mean by hybrid? I’m talking electronic and midi triggers mixed alongside the natural sound of the kit. I’ve been to so many big concerts and continually I’ve wondered what is happening behind the kit to make that percussion so powerful. Well it’s no mistake. Our sonic pallets as fans has been opened up wide by the digital world and thank God! This world has instigated us all as artists to be more exploratory in the studio and in the live realm where the technical understanding of how to replicate sounds that make a song so damn tasty on the record sets the new bar. Here at Chromatic we take note on these advancements and plunge forward into the manuals and experimentalism that takes a live experience to fine to amazing. Big props to Roland, a brand we trust with programming that is intuitive and flexible. Percussion wise we use their SPDS Pad as well as the TD-20 V Drums and now their line of drum triggers. There’s a reason why some companies stick around and are ready to evolve.