Stephonne Releases Debut Record “Caged Bird Sings Songs About Red Beard” on all streaming and digital services

There we were, in the office huddled around a laptop while one by one songs were being uploaded. It takes forever to write all the metadata and assign the ISRC Codes, while the internet is being wonky. Stephonne & I celebrated with tacos and margaritas at the Mission Taco Joint beforehand and just reflected on what a wild ride making this grand record had been.  Late into the night the upload had finally finished, and we heard it through the great cloud and rejoiced! It’s such a personal moment, 2 people who had to have faith in each other for it to become a reality. There’s all that build up until your big digital hoorah … a green progress bar that has filled up to 100%… it falls so short of what you see in the movies. We leave accomplished and tired with squares in our eyes ready for the next phase.