Mega Mixing sessions with Justin Mantooth for Caged Bird Sings Songs About Red Beard

Mega week of mixing!  So many hours behind the console.  You really get close with the people you work with and Justin Mantooth is a great one to know.  Stephonne’s record takes a lot of patience due to the layers and the multi-genres that make up his vision.  We always remain invested in the vision and magnifying its clarity here! The creativity that goes into the mixing is just as important as the arranging and tracking. Knowing when to be subtle or dramatic and how to convey your thoughts into the lingo necessary to capture your ideas in an efficient way is imperative to keeping the energy alive when behind the board. Sometimes in this process you get too microscopic and it takes experience to know when you’ve gone too far in that mentality so that you can pull your focus back out and listen to a section with a fresh approach.