Mayme Marshall, A Giant Voice Rocking This Cover Of “Madness” By Muse

Mayme Marshall, is a giant voice rocking this cover of “Madness” by Muse. This was a production with a quick turnaround. First off, if you haven’t gotten familiar with Muse, do yourself a favor and get on it because these fellas, especially the main writer, guitarist, and front man Matt Bellamy is an extraordinary talent. I stayed pretty close to the original version since this would be used for her auditions with the exception of the key which needed to be changed in order for her vocal range to really shine! Anytime you’ve got to learn a song and play every part front to back is a great lesson in learning why and how certain elements work so well together. For instance, those low filtered synth bass parts … wow, it took a lot of tinkering to get them to sound like the originals. There was a whole mess of triggering 2 different tracks which acted as 1 part. Mad respect for those engineers and Muse for figuring out such a cool way to use such complexity on such simple parts. Here it is in its entirety mixed once again by the genius that is Justin Mantooth at Westend Recording.