Love & Madness @ The Grandview Amphitheater


We were so fortunate for the City of Grandview to reach out to us for their annual spring 2-day festival Harry’s Hay Days. When asked about booking, Love & Madness was without a doubt the right choice. A deep repertoire ranging from Whitney Houston, Portugal The Man, and Queens of the Stone Age. Insanely diverse, and with a lot of covers that many other bands stray from because quite frankly – they’re difficult to play with very specific parts to remember along with all the different genre changes. You’ve got to have a crew that is open and ready for that level of energetic variance, and we’ve got them locked in! Obviously, we always put in quality promo which is just an essential if you’re going to work alongside people. It is part of the job and there’s no way getting around it. It was wonderful to meet our sound man Larry Miller who was incredibly quick and kind and ready to for our backing tracks, drum triggers, in ear monitors and aux percussion, not to mention horns and the normal rig of guitar and bass. The Grandview Amphitheater was a beautiful place as well. Thanks for thinking of us!