Filming Chromatic Audio Recording Studio with Dave Von Fintel


Dave Von Fintel is a wonderful videographer, specializing in drone footage, who we came to know 6 months earlier from the MB&S promo shoot. This Swede is fantastic to work with. Super calm, knows his gear, takes direction well, contributes freely his own ideas … just a superb professional all around. Always on time we began getting long shots an hour before anyone showed up. It was his first time experiencing the studio as well and he was psyched. After the long shots, I had many of the musicians and singers we’ve been working with for a long time come down to perform for 15 minutes to get great footage of them at work along with their reactions since many had not seen much of the progress since it had begun in November of 2018. Anyways, what a blast being amongst people you love and value for their talents and what they give to music. After the editing is finished, we’ll begin rolling out the before and after videos totaling 6 in all until we release the ad to the general public.