Crossroads Music Festival Wrap-Up

Chromatic Contact was proud to be a sponsor in the 15th annual Crossroads Music Fest. We backlined the Brick with a C&C Drum Kit made right here in Kansas City as well as provided guitar and bass amps for the roster of bands that played from 7 PM until 2 AM. We must thank Nathan Corsi for stepping in and saving the day. Sometimes, an amp will blow up, and our guitar amp did. Too much heavy rock being pumped through it maybe. Who knows, but either way the generosity of Mr. Corsi stepped right up to the plate and offered his amp for the good of the show. Please check him and his band out. He’s one of the best rock singer/songwriters in Kansas City, and as you can tell … one hell of a good guy!

Chromatic artist MY BROTHERS & SISTERS were a highlight and had the entire room pumping as usual with an insane stage show and fire tunes. The unleashing of their version of “Killing In The Name” by Rage Against The Machine is a complete show stopper and completely obliterates.