Dave Von Fintel

Dave Von Fintel

I’m a Kansas City Filmmaker & Photographer, specializing in Aerial Cinematography (FAA certified & fully insured). I aim to produce creative films (videos) based on my clients’ vision and to execute a script in the most economical and efficient way possible while never losing sight of quality. I use conventional film equipment as well as drones (UAV, UAS) to complete my projects. I enjoy everything from shooting to editing and depending on the scope and budget of the film, call on associates to join my film crew. I welcome collaboration with agencies and production firms. Whether it be for a second camera operator, unique drone footage (single or dual op setup-ready) or simply editing.

Dronin’ On
I was in Europe, a few years a go, when I first learned about the emergence of consumer drones. Overcome with the excitement of seeing footage of familiar places shot from a unique perspective, I quickly realized that the use of a drone married with my creative skills provided me with a unique opportunity. Upon my return home, I immediately set course to become one of the first commercial aerial cinematographers in Kansas City. I invested in my first drone and have never looked back. The magic, I found, wasn’t just simply taking images from high above the ground but actually using the drone as a dolly, jib, or crane, close to the action. Learning to safely control a drone while capturing the desired footage was the key skill I gradually learned and which sets me apart from my competition.

Aerial & Conventional Video/Photo Services
Cinematography | Photography | Editing for Independent Film, Marketing, Real Estate, Construction, Architecture, Developers, Stock Video & Photography, Virtual Reality (VR) 360º, Social Media Content Creation

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Filmmaker/Photographer Aerial Drone Cinematography

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