Chromatic Contact hosts Stage @ Valentine Neighborhood Porchfest


When Carman Stalker asked us about curating a stage because she knows that we have a high standard here, we of course said yes. It did not take long to secure our acts on what would turn out to be the best porch in the Valentine Neighborhood. Patrick Reeves would set the chill noon mood with nearly an hour of classical and fingerstyle guitar. Up next was Last Minute Sublet with their romantic acoustic jazz laden duets that ended up fitting the rainy day perfectly. Ravyn, under the name Murder of Corvidae Kind, would be next decked out in skull makeup to really darken the vibe and take us to a soft netherworld with Stephanie accompanying him on vocals. Rounding it out and lifting it all into the sunshine both literally and figuratively once again was the amazing voice of Angel Gibson. Here’s a woman who always brings it hard and this was here first solo set of all covers of her choosing with J. Searle accompanying on guitar. After her wonderful performance, MB&S took the stage in, what might be the last time, normal clothes due to the nature of the performance. This was another way to experiment with electronic percussion instead of a large drum kit. Things have to rock out, but volume needs to be managed because balance can get out of hand really quick with small P.A.’s. All in all, despite the rain, we got some great performances captured and were glad to contribute our eclectic taste to the event.