Chromatic Contact Audio – Studio Finishing Touches


Slowly but surely this recording studio is being built. It has been wonderful to watch it evolve into what it is becoming. Vibe in the studio is one of the most important things beyond capable players and an adept engineer. Why? Because a lively vibe is what you’re trying to capture. It’s the dwelling place of goosebumps. And setting that vibe takes both attitude and aesthetic intention. A great feeling place means nothing with a grumpy removed engineer or player at the helm and a super positive and encouraging engineer has an uphill battle to climb if their studio is clinical and cold feeling or just messy and tore up. Some of these places are so massive it can feel as if you’re being swallowed by immense cave. Our studio is meant to tap into that infinite space where creativity resides. Beyond the vibe, it’s wired up and ready to go with everything from your usual acoustic and electric guitars, amplifiers, and C&C 4-piece drum kit to the electronic aspects of Roland V-Drums, Native Instruments Maschine Studio, and a variety of synths. Our rehearsals are so incredibly momentous because the sessions are ready to go with instruments and microphones set up. That work flow is so important because once you get that vibe going and need to switch things up for an overdub – we capitalize on that energy by having it set up already. I’m bragging because I know how effective it is! We can’t wait to show it off and have you coming by to experience it for yourself. It’s a mega wow factor for anyone with imagination and the deep feelings and creative thoughts that must be forced into reality.