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Mayme Marshall, A Giant Voice Rocking This Cover Of “Madness” By Muse

Mayme Marshall, is a giant voice rocking this cover of “Madness” by Muse. This was a production with a quick turnaround. I stayed pretty close to the original version since this would be used for her auditions with the exception of the key which needed to be changed in order for her vocal range to really shine!


Pray For My Disaster – An Exercise in Creative Constraints

I gave myself those very specific arrangement parameters, but also, that I would only spend a day to write it, another day to tweak the writing, and a 3rd to record in another studio. I was in L.A. and searching for the right place and found a total gem in Silverlake, York Recording Studios.


LA bound J. Searle Making Moves & Getting Out Of Your Own Way

LA bound J. Searle Making Moves & Getting Out Of Your Own Way. It’s a sense where being humble and self-hatred are eternally married. That’s the sly move of the humble brag. Feeling yourself, especially in white culture, is seen as a lack of respect and near sinful.