Chromatic Contact at the Lima Licensing Expo in Las Vegas

Wow!  A lot going in the last couple of weeks! From Las Vegas directly back to mixing in week. The Lima Licensing EXPO was a weeklong event in the Mandalay Bay Hotel off the strip in Vegas. The licensing world is crazy! Daily character parades, amongst a ton of marketing based lectures. There was so much to learn about the advertising world – the way they think, make deals, and network. The perspective orientation that takes place when you see behind the curtain of pop-culture and character manufacturing, everything from artist renderings to story ideas linked to products, it’s very weird.  The energy there is so completely different than the artist/musician world. Great people but just a completely different mode of being.  There is such a division between creation and distribution. As soon as I got off the plane, it went back into the studio to get these Caged Bird Sings Songs About Red Beard mixes in shape. It’s good to let them breathe a bit, and get your notes in order so that specific objectives can be met every time you’re back at the mixing board.